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Having plants at home with minimum maintenance is possible thanks to hydroponic planters. 

Hydroponic planters are pots that have a self-watering system. This system faithfully reproduces the natural environment of the plants, allowing the plants to be completely hydrated with minimum watering maintenance.

If you are one of those people who want to have plants, but can't bring yourself to keep even a cactus alive, hydro-garden pots are for you. They are the easiest way to take care of your plants.

The self-watering pot tank only needs to be filled 4 times a year and the surface of the tank needs to be watered every 4 to 5 weeks.

The result? Perfect plants with a minimum of maintenance thanks to the designer hydroponic planters.

Self-watering planters are designed so that the plants have enough water between waterings, thanks to the tubes that allow a small constant air circulation, which helps the oxidation of the water and the deeper roots.

Self-watering planters are ideal for collective spaces such as offices, hotels, shopping centres, shops, restaurants, etc.

However, thanks to their comfort and elegance, they can also be placed in all kinds of environments.

Nowadays, many houses and gardens, balconies and terraces benefit from having hydroponic planters because some models of self-watering planters are also ideal for outdoors.

Design self-watering planters

Looking for a decorative object for the home, what better way to combine nature and design?

The self-watering pots are made of recyclable and high quality materials, with which you can create eco-friendly spaces that clean and purify the air, while decorating at the same time.

Whether you prefer small or large plants, you can choose between self-watering planters or self-watering pots. You will also find different finishes, such as ceramic self-watering pots or terracotta self-watering pots.

Keep your plants healthy and alive with the designer hydroponic planters in our catalogue.

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