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An LED downlight is the best option if you are looking to illuminate spaces that need a lot of light, such as kitchens, commercial spaces or even bathrooms. 

If we add LED technology to the aesthetic appeal of downlights, we obtain a highly efficient and aesthetic product. In addition, it will allow continuous switching on and off without impairing its performance.

Although the most commonly used are round LED downlights, in our online shop you can also find them in different shapes such as square and rectangular. You can also find different colours, tones, powers, sizes, etc.

Surface mounted LED downlight

Generally, LED downlights are usually recessed, but they can also be surface mounted. In this case, they direct the light flow directly to the surface to be illuminated, and they are  commonly used for private but also professional use.

One advantage of surface-mounted LED downlights is that you can find them in slim format, much thinner and more compact, which also makes them very easy to install.

Kitchen or bathroom downlight, extra-flat, recessed or dimmable

LED downlights emit more natural light, allowing continuous switching on and off, which is why they are widely used in bathrooms, kitchens or staircases.

This type of luminaire is recessed in ceilings, projecting light diffused downwards. They are recommended for maximum heights of 3.3 metres.

There are a series of characteristics that must be taken into account when choosing downlights, depending on the use we want to make of them, such as the amount of light, the area to be illuminated or the atmosphere we want to achieve.

Generally, rooms that are normally heated, such as kitchens or bathrooms, cold white is usually used, and in rooms where we want to provide privacy, such as bedrooms or living rooms, warm downlights are the best option.

We also have to take into account the light beam angle of the downlight. If you are looking for diffused lighting, you need a greater degree of opening. If, on the other hand, you need LED downlights for the kitchen, the angle should be smaller, as this will provide more concentrated lighting, perfect for illuminating surfaces and specific tasks. 

Another of the objectives when choosing LED downlights is to give visibility to a room but also to create atmospheres with personality. To do this, different layers of lighting can be created by combining this type of luminaire with other types, such as table lamps or LED strips. You can also find an LED Downlight dimmer to achieve the light tone that you want.

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